Three Great Free Traffic Generation Strategies

Let’s face it, the current economic climate is hurting everyone. It’s hard to make money fast, let alone at all as we’re going through this. I mean, unemployment is nearing all time highs as well as gas prices. It can be very discouraging trying to start a business right now, but don’t fear, I’m going to tell you what I would do if I was trying to make quick money during this economic climate…

Those of us who know Timmy know that he’s just a sweet guy who was trying to have some fun and make the best out of a job most people ridicule. After all, who the heck do you think is working your fast food restaurants? It’s mostly kids like Timmy who are trying to make ends meet the best way they know how.

Even if you have never learned about how social media can affect your business, you have probably heard of, and maybe even used some of the social media websites. Site like FaceBook, Twitter, and YouTube刷订阅 are all considered Web 2.0 sites, and each of them have a unique way of building a base of potential customers.

If you have the internet in your house or apartment, you can use it for an easy night of fun. Skip buying cable tv…with nbc and abc offering episodes of tv on their websites, you can watch entire episodes from your computer! Comedycentral also allows you to watch clips. And don’t forget that youtube subscriptions often has full-length stand-up comedy routines, among other things. You might even be able to download some episodes from your favourite series.

The traditional way of learning is perhaps the most obvious, and in many ways the best way to start off. You simply find yourself a local teacher and pay for lessons. In many ways it’s a great idea as there’s nothing quite like being shown the basics by someone else. Starting off with a good technique will be a huge benefit later on. However, this isn’t cheap and depending on the teacher, you may have a great experience, or it may not be much fun at all and you end up putting the guitar away in a cupboard and never getting any further with it.

I opened my Twitter client to see that my friend sent me a link to a great article about how to “sing like a rockstar”, and that led to another and then another.

Creditor have you on the ropes? Pay something! – Our last tip can be used for most creditors on closed or delinquent accounts. When you receive your first bill from them figure out what you can afford to pay. Then simply pay that amount every month consistently! In most cases they won’t even try to contact you as they are happy to be getting whatever they can for the account. When you have finally paid the bill out, be sure to contact them and have them send you a written copy that the debt has been paid in full.