Most Romantic Travel Destinations In America

Where can you find refuge in a city where mouse ears and the shrieking, vertically challenged roam wild? When people think of Central Florida a few things come to mind, family fun, theme parks and loads of sandal-clad tourists with sock tans. But there are plenty of places that are for the most part, for the more mature audience. I’m not talking about the local gentlemen’s club with the killer steak, but someplace hopefully you can go time and time again and still have a great time with your significant other.

For a unique party experience, consider a black light party with plenty of glow sticks, music and fun. Black out windows with blackout curtains or black paper to avoid light coming in, and change all of your light bulbs to black light bulbs. To really give off a black light effect, drape walls in plenty of black if you can. You can also add strobe lights for a unique and different effect.

The Jacuzzi is built right into the heated floor in front of a roaring fire place. The whole room was beautifully decorated and warmly inviting. It is a open concept and everything is located in one room. The only other room is the bathroom which features a shower and toilet.

The Peju Tower website says it is one of the tallest structures in the Napa valley. The architecture alone is worth the visit but their wine tasting list is a nice one.

Eliminate the edible wedding favors and order standard summer wedding favors favors instead. Evaluate your transportation options. A horse carriage hire with an open roof can be an appealing novelty, but how will that expensive wedding dress and hairstyle look after prolonged exposure to hot sun, wind, or possible rain? Going with a nice stretch limousine may seem boring, but it ensures that the most important package of the day, the bride, is delivered safe and intact. You can always do the horse and carriage thing on your honeymoon when you’re wearing more comfortable clothing.

Pirate: Sail the Seven Seas with a pirate theme wedding. This one promises swashbuckling adventure for all invited! The key with a pirate wedding is to walk the fine line between embracing the theme and looking too much like a costume party. Think “sophisticated pirate”. Decorations like vintage maps and old ships’ wheels will fit in with the theme without looking cheesy. Nautical flags are another great decor idea, especially the old-timey pirate symbols. Chocolate coins wrapped with gold foil make the perfect “booty” for wedding favors, and of course, the drink of the day should be rum.

Speaking of the honeymoon, where are you planning on going after your summer wedding? Tropical climates are always a great time… in the winter. Go in the summer and you’re looking at temperatures over a hundred degrees and tropical storms. More northern venues are in the mid eighties, sunny and dry, the perfect weather for a day at the beach or a pleasant night walking outdoors. Think about it. And while you’re at it, think more carefully about your other summer wedding plans.