Making Beats With Music Production Software

We all know that Reason Refills are a great way to expand the already bulging factory soundset included with Reason, but how do you import other sounds into this versatile piece of music production software? We’ll start off by looking at MIDI files, these allow you to easily reconstruct a single riff or entire piece of music and add your own unique sounds using any of Reason’s instruments.

There is a great software called Dub Turbo that will help you make your own dance music online. The best thing about this software package is that it is a complete package, which can work wonders for beginners and as well as for professionals.

Produce a music pattern. Each pattern could be implemented as a different part of an audio lesson — like a chorus, bridge, or verse, for instance. Make reference to the step sequencer that houses the virtual instrument. Add notes towards the step sequencer by selecting the squares alongside the sounds on the sequencer to create a rhythm. Once a pattern is complete, replay the creation by selecting the play button, usually located towards the top of the screen.

There are even online college degree programs that teach you Pop Song writing, but most of those cost fifty thousand bucks or more, and then you still have to spend thousands on their custom computer equipment and software programs.

Perhaps the deepest learning I gained in getting to work with Judy was about this artistic sensibility. Of course she had a great ear, and knew how to pick the best songs. She was responsible for virtually discovering Joni Mitchell and Leonard Cohen. She herself received the deepest artistic mentorship from a woman, her teacher, Antonia Brico, the first female conductor, who she spoke of with reverence.

Your Gear – Is all your gear working properly? Is your computer backed up and ready for a serious recording session? Make sure all your equipment is functioning properly, before the session where you need it the most. Because it’s just so typical when that Distressor stops working just as you want to use it on a track.

If you have ambitions of making it as a hip hop artist then you need to concentrate on getting a unique instrumental beat that you can identify with. The right beat will enhance an artists talent whereas the wrong beat can easily bury an artist.

So there you go – quick and easy ways to use MIDI and sounds like those you can get here on DMS or from elsewhere on the net in Reason! While the specifics of operation of each of the Reason devices we’ve used today is beyond the scope of this guide you’ll find plenty of tutorials on Reason related sites and some great videos on YouTube.