Homemade Treatments For Bloodshot Eyes

Are you having trouble reading street signs, or small print? Are you holding your newspaper further away from your eyes to prevent eye strain? It’s important for people over the age of fifty to have a dilated eye exam once a year.

Contact lens wearing became increasingly difficult. By the evening, I would just take out my lenses and read without glasses or contact lenses by pressing the book up against my nose. I was heading back to where I was at age 9 before anyone knew I couldn’t see very well.

Take a handful of fennel and boil them in water. Cool it and then strain the liquid. Use this liquid to wash the eye twice a day. This will help to decrease pain, redness and inflammation.

Many of the southern states are far more humid than the northern states. That first winter is going to be a doozie. Use a humidifier in your house to keep the air moist. Use thicker, richer lotions, shampoos, and conditioners, and keep plenty of cataract eye drops around to keep your eyes moist.

For diabetics, preventative eye care is even more important, and complications start at an earlier age. Two of the most serious eye complications for diabetics are glaucoma, and diabetic retinopathy.

If you feel some difficulty in watching any object and you found some cloud’s in your eye these are the early sign’s of the cataract. Frequent changes in the capability to see are one of the symptoms of the cataract. Rapid discoloration of the eye from black to white gives us a clear idea of having the cataract in the eye. You have to quite the smoking if you want to minimize the risk of losing the eye vision by cataract.

Take 2 tsp Calendula flower petals in 1 cup water; boil it and cool it. Use this mixture as eyewash. To use it as a compressor soak it in cotton or cloth when it is warm.

OAloe Vera. This plant has been used by our grandmothers for beautifying skin and hair. The liquid form alone is very effective in eliminating excess oil from the skin. You can mix it ground orange peel for a more effective anti-acne remedy.