Headshots Do We Need One

To get the best light, you need to be shooting when people are sleeping, eating, and having fun. This is your fun, after all, and it takes some dedication to get it right. So how do you get those great shots outside, utilizing the best light and avoiding the harsh light most people normally get? First, a touch of theory to bore you; it’s what teachers normally do, after all.

Couples are getting really creative with their wedding cakes these days, and it could be a perfect place to use your portrait. We have all seen the cakes with a big picture of the birthday boy airbrushed across the top, and there is no doubt that they can be pretty creepy. But there is a tasteful and non-creepy way to use your picture on your cake. Rather than having it be life sized, a small picture in a frame, either frosting or real, can be set into the side of the cake, almost like a cameo. Another idea would be to use the image on a small white chocolate medallion that can stand atop the cake instead of a traditional cake topper.

Picture Time – If you really want to make an impression, gather up your siblings and get a boca raton professional-headshots done of all of you together. Next, get a custom made calligraphy card thanking Mom for putting up with all of your antics and always being there. A unique gift that is guaranteed to bring tears of happiness to her eyes. Prices will range depending on your location, so make sure to shop different photography studios. Also, make sure you see examples of their work so you can determine if you like the style.

Ask plenty of questions. Have a list ready when meeting with the photographer so you do not forget anything. Include things like asking where they learned professional portrait photography and how long have they been doing it. Do not forget to ask if they have any kind of guarantee for when your shoot is done and you do not like the photos taken. Always ask for testimonials or if you can call prior clients.

Go ahead and include some images that have dramatic cropping. It adds to the variety of choices. The client may not select them, and that’s okay. Put one on your wall as a display and enjoy the compliments.

Think about it – logos and brands are everywhere. Instead of using someone else’s, it is so much better to create your own brand. In the case of your wedding, it is the bride and groom themselves who are the status symbol, so why not have some fun with it?

Nomad Writing Journals – If mom likes to travel, the outdoors or just document family activities, these writing journals will be a hit. The journals come pre-organized for a variety of subjects such as travel, camping, hiking and bird watching. Each journal contains blank spaces for notes as well as cue areas to remind her to write down information such as places stayed, people met and their contact information and so on. The journals cost as low as $9 without waterproof case and $25 with case.