Foursquare Launches Business Pages, Finally!

COSI, The Center of Science and Industry in Toledo, Ohio offers fun for the whole family. The Science center has entertained our family may times, with little and big kids all finding something fun to do-and adults too! I would like to give you an overview of what to expect when you arrive and the specifics of the facility.

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It was a curious statement at the time, but one that recently has me pondering a few questions regarding its validity. Does AstroTurf have roots? After all, Madam Pelosi’s comment was designed to cut into the credibility of the movement, suggesting that it was not of the revered family of “grass roots” efforts, but rather more of a machine of wealthy Conservative zealots, controlling the stupid masses through talk radio.

And then there are the eggheads. Researchers from the University of North Carolina published a study in the Annals of Internal Medicine which came to the conclusion that an 18 percent tax on pizza and soda would cause American adults to lose 5 lbs. per year. Wow. How many politicians are going to sink their teeth into this study to advance their agenda of advancing the fat police?

I finished my walk down Main headed for 2nd Street. As I passed the food vendors, the aromas were pleasant as I listened to a local Christian group sing in harmony across the street. Aroma + Harmony + Indulgence = Pleasure…or something like that. The sound of meats frying on the grill, kettle corn popping in a massive cauldron, people shouting out orders and change being quickly returned; people conversing about the serious and the more common. It would have certainly caused even Anthony Bourdain to take pause… simultaneously eliciting that automatic childish smile and bringing that all too familiar sparkle to his eye. I made the u-turn onto 2nd and started looking for friends and former family members. I ran into several, and to some was simply able to wave and wish them well.

Those meetings consisted of the usual business of the Board, but also contained a part where the public appears before the Board and presents their grievances to the Board. One parent after another would appear before Gery Chico and the School Board, and he would patiently listen to their problem. Issues such as suspension of a child, a complaint about a staff member, that type of thing. Gery Chico would assign one of the staff present there to resolve the issue and asked the staff member to report back the conclusion. He did it all with feeling.

This kind of stuff can not go on forever. At some point the people will eventually (I hope and pray) not put up with so much bloated government and interference into everything we do.