Five Rules You Must Follow For Resume Success

When we started with our Resume writing service we never had thought that we would be writing international resumes. That assignment however did come one day and we were forced to write the resume for a teacher seeking a job abroad.

So an excellent – and lucrative – Upsell would be a CV service. You offer this to the people who buy the book. But instead of making $20 per sale, you can charge much, much more – let’s say $350 for a custom resume.

Spend some time making a list of everything you have to offer. Often, people do not realize everything that they can bring to the table. Therefore, it is important that you take note of these things so you are prepared to highlight them and discuss them in interviews. Don’t take anything that you can do for granted.

Most full-time job hunters are looking for ways to tighten spending. So, making the choice to spend money on your job search isn’t always an easy one. Yet, the cost of long-term unemployment is much higher. Carefully examine your situation, weigh out your options, and know when to invest in your job search.

The friend helping me prepare my resume wanted to know about stories I’d written. I told him about an article that had caught the attention of the school’s president, who wrote a letter to the editor saying it was an excellent example of great student journalism.

However, it is important to remember not to exaggerate or lie on the resume. Lying on your resume is one of the worst things that you can do. There are a variety of ways an employer can find out if you are telling the truth or not. Hence, it is not worth the risk. You can understand how dreadful it is when you get the job and you do not know something which you were supposed to be fluent at. You will lose your respect from your supervisors and colleagues. It is not worth taking this big risk at all.

However, they just aren’t good enough. Do you want to know why? Because they are not bespoke. What is bespoke? A bespoke resume is hand crafted, fine tuned to your individual pros and cons and not based on a set template. Ideally, it should also include a strong cover letter as well. However, that isn’t a necessary nor sufficient condition to creating a good resume. Yes, you must read all tips you come across.

So, are you ready to start writing your resume? All you need to do now is to go over to the Part 2 of this useful resume writing guide where we will discuss how to bring out all your achievements even when you think you don’t have any.