Choosing The Right Mobile Payment Option

Picking stocks during the past two years has been a pretty fun game akin to throwing darts at your local watering hole. While there have certainly been plenty of bull’s eyes, for the most part just hitting the board was guaranteed points. Since the beginning of 2009, the S&P has advanced by almost 40%, while the Nasdaq is up nearly 70%. In fact, just last Wednesday the Nasdaq-100 came within pennies of its October 2007 peak before the market began its financial crisis meltdown. Was this a coincidence? I think not, but I’ll leave the talk of double tops and market reversals to the technical analysts.

If you are buying big items that you can actually pay for and the item will be delivered to your residence, you must make sure you never pay using your debit bank card. For one, you are not in possession of the item when you leave. Even if the company is an established it pays to ensure that your item arrives safe and sound before you part with your money. Store cards are safer due to their deferred payment characteristic.

But there are so many barriers to this happening, so much infrastructure that is not in place, so little workable software to support this, so many disparate databases.

Google moves. Google earns in excess of a billion dollars in a year from mobile advertising. It is expected that in 2012 the company will position itself to generate more revenue from this source. Key adjustments are expected in the mobile search results, and localization of mobile searches. Apparently, locally targeted ads constitute 51% of total US ad spending.

Choose a short name that is unique but can be easily remembered. Make sure that your web address is permanent and its domain name is something that you own. This www address or URL can be your blog or a one-page website with a catchy logo, your contact info (email add or contact form), your name, other ways people can contact you (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and a link to other storefronts that you are using. Make sure to add a blog area in your website where you can interact with your customers (This will help market your site!). Since all transactions are completed through credit cards and other 微信充值 recharge methods, it is also best to get a PayPal account.

Prepaid Cards? As an extension of the credit/debit story, we have the advancement of the prepaid card. As with the Paypal card alipay recharge prepaid cards are great for management. You can generally manage the flow money in and out of them and they have the benefit of being relatively anonymous if stolen. But they do tend to have a decent amount of extra management, ATM and usage fees associated with them and they are still stuck in the credit/debit world when you consider getting that pav bhaji (a toasted bread, vegetable and red curry dish of lusciousness) from Sardar’s Refreshments in Mumbai, arguably the best street food in India.

The second way is to participate in the exciting bidding process. By bidding and playing in Bidzillion you can get products at up to 99% off retail prices! Once you experience the fun of bidding, winning products and saving up to 99% off retail, you will never want to shop anywhere else. .

Hope that very soon we will find such a sytem of credit card processing in most of the stores and it is sure to bring a sea change development in the field of credit card processing.