30 Things To Do When Using Online Classified Ads

More people in 2010 will opt to create a home gym, in order to avoid the high costs of gym memberships. The drawback is that you’ll have to use your own equipment. But one way to save on exercise equipment is to buy pieces that have multiple functions. That includes a step, medicine balls, and Swiss balls. Oftentimes, you can buy some basic equipment that provides the same results as when using pricey gym equipment. Also, by working out at home, you can save on the high cost of designer fitness apparel. You won’t have to dress to impress!

Set a fair selling price. Your goal is to make money, but you also want your items to sell. It is best to fall somewhere in between. Aim for a fair selling price, but one that enables you to make a profit. Even before clicking on your full listing, buyers can see your selling price. Don’t let a huge price be a turnoff right from the start.

If you listen to all the advice then you will never do anything, some will say use free sites, others say don’t use free sites. Free sites can work but not all free sites work. Now that might sound like a strange statement but it isn’t really. You want to put your ad on a free site, and you find one which is suitable. You place the ad and you wait, and wait and nothing happens. You check your ad is there but nothing much else. If you place your ad on a site where there is no traffic then don’t expect to sell anything because nobody will get to see it. The site has to have traffic and it needs more than a few hundred a day to generate any income.

A fourth method is the “pieces of paper” method. Print up simple business cards, fliers, and/or signs with your business name, descriptive tagline, and contact info. Hand cards to people you meet who might use your product. Leave one in the restroom, or on the restaurant table or other places your customers are likely to be. Put fliers on cars at the mall, or post a sign in your front yard, local bulletin board, or busy corner. You need only leave a few per day to begin seeing results. Be sure to get permission as needed.

You must have heard of online classifieds. This is one of the many popular ways to make money by selling your used stuff online. You just have to post classified ads, post pictures of your items and write description explaining about the condition of your items you wish to sell.

Use traffic-generating tools. If you are a marketer, you already understand the importance of driving quality traffic to your website. Sales obviously start with traffic. One proven method is by using your niche ebooks as a sales tool: Submit free excerpts to potential buyers by way of articles, blogs, forums and solo ads. Give a sample of your information and many will order your eBook and refer it to others.

13. The best thing about classifieds and target population is that it can be used locally, regionally or internationally. It is one tool that makes a small business be competitive on a small budget.